Reading Towards Destiny

“The difference in your life between now and five years from now will be the books you read and the people you know ~John Maxwell

Many think the pastime of reading is just that…a past; television, work, video games, etc. have taken the place of the book, particularly among the younger generations. However, reading becomes an essential tool in catapulting the leader / revivalist / warrior / businessman – YOU NAME IT – towards the goals, plans, and purposes of life. Whether the interest is in business, ministry, education, or any other vocation, books are weapons when put in the hands of those seeking to learn. As the saying goes, the mind never stops learning; the principle that follows states: You can either sling mud or a wield a sword – it’s all in the source of learning.

You can either fill your life with forms of entertainment, or fill your mind with sharp swords of knowledge in the field of interest. Reading is a training method, as is television, video games, and music. When entertainment becomes the only pastime, your mind only has a shallow pool to learn from, but wise is he who takes advantage of the abundance of lessons and ideas encapsulated within the realm between the front and back cover of a good book – I’m not necessarily speaking only of non-fiction either. There are many lessons to be learned in the world of fiction as well.

You can either sling mud or a wield a sword – the difference is the source of learning

The knowledge of time has been recorded and made convieniently available to anyone willing to search it out. There are great thinkers in all fields who have devoted portions of their lives to preserving and passing along all that they’ve learned in their time to future generations (i.e. You and Me!). Books are the accelerant which can propel you further into your life’s calling. In other words, rather than trying to build your destiny from ground zero, reading allows you to start where the greats that have gone before you have stopped.

Of course, listening to messages on the field is useful as well, but the mind remembers 70 times what it sees over what it hears. If you want to learn more, find time to look at the message written down.

The Goal: Read often and read a variety of subject matter. You never know when an idea from a book will come in handy 🙂

Top 3 Reasons for Not Reading:


Between work, church, taking care of the family, cleaning, watching the newest shows on TV, and sleeping, who has time to read? This is the number one excuse that I hear from people when the topic of reading comes up in conversation; I know I’ve used this excuse more than once in my life.


After a long days work, the last thing I want to do is exercise my mind by skimming through a book.


They say reading is entertaining, but nothing beats [insert game] on my PS3 / XBox!

The Remedy?

In order to make room for a reading time in my schedule, I’ve had to quit watching television. Now, for an hour everyday, I have my reading time. Some may not be able to set aside that much time, however any little bit helps. Even 10 minutes a day, when spent with a good book can be one of the most productive times of the day.

Question: What are some other ways to make room to develop reading as a habit?

1 thought on “Reading Towards Destiny”

  1. I was just talking about this VERY THING the other day to a friend of mine. As much as I truly DON’T have the time to read like I would like to (because I’m so busy writing, myself!), I understand the NEED to and still make time for it. Even in the smallest of doses. Everything I read, gives me a inspiration and a stronger sense of revelation of my OWN creativity.
    I do avoid reading certain TYPES of books if I am currently writing something similar (to avoid the unintentional notion to copy).

    And I truly appreciate the fact that you touched base on the equal importance of fiction. (Because that’s MY thing.) And the funny thing is, that even when you read for entertainment, you pick up some small new facts along the way. Case and point, when I read the Left Behind series, I learned (or actually gave through to) the fact that it was the FUMES in gasoline that flammable… NOT the liquid. (Odd to point this out, I know)

    I, too, have cut out all of my regularly viewed television programs for reading (and writing). I feel more intelligent when I read – exercising my brain muscle. I’m a busy person, like you. What I have done is MADE my nightly routine a “reading time”. It gives me time to unwind before closing my eyes…. and then again, with the stuff I read, I find myself up HOURS later warring with sleep. 🙂

    But you are dead-on. Reading better equips us all whether it be for careers, learning about ourselves, inner-healing, helping others, a better understanding of the world around us and of our faith in other world. The possibilities and adventures are never-ending with reading!

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