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New Year Goals

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As I sit in my living room perusing the vast quantity of “Happy New Year 2012” clip art I have found myself searching for a creative phrase to title this post… The title “My New Years Resolutions” is all that comes to mind, yet that seems to fall short of my goal with writing this afternoon. As we all know, New Years Resolutions are made to make us feel better about ourselves, which happens for about a month before our deep spirals of self despair followed by an increased consumption of comfort foods level us out by July (If you have had this cycle in the past, check out 5 Keys to Making and Keeping Your New Years Resolutions) .
This year I haven’t set resolutions, I have actually planned 8 KEY GOALS I want to reach. With each goal are a series of mini-goals (much like the 1st down in football) that I intend to meet along the way.
I’ve dwelt andsorted through several possible goals, and these ones are the cream of the crop. Without further ado, I present my  New Years Resolutions Goals:

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1) Spend MORE quality time with God: This means talking with, listening to, and enjoying Him every day – apart from the usual busyness of life. I will spend quiet time every morning getting to know Papa intimately before I begin my day. To accomplish this goal I will need to keep a regular schedule and NOT SLEEP IN!

2) Be Physically Fit: I will do this by exercising in a gym 3 days a week, and running  on off days. As an endurance goal, I would like to run a 5k by July, and a 10k before 2013. In terms of working out, I’d like to increase arm size, tone up my back, loose the comfort gut, and stop eating fast food. Part of being physically fit includes a healthy diet. I intend to research, build and stick to a healthy diet routine.

3) Take up rock climbing: I plan to get the necessary gear, train at The Ascent, a local rock climbing gym. I’d like to make a trip out to Red River Gorge if possible.

4) Build Relationships with my family, and friends: This is difficult because none of my family lives near me. I will need to get comfortable doing some serious phone time this upcoming year. I’d like to call each of my brothers (5) at least once a month. In terms of friends, I want to focus on building upon the relationships I already have in terms of adding value to who they are. I’m not sure how to do this other than spending what little time I have with them (I am going to need a serious planner this year)

5) Read one book a month: I haven’t set my reading list yet, but that will be coming this week. I want to read books that will challenge me to grow, and a few fun ones in between (Namely The Hunger Games trilogy).

6) Go through the entire bible: This is in addition to the increased quiet time. I want to set time aside each day to read 6-7 chapters. While spending time studying various themes found in the bible, I want to fully take in the BIG PICTURE from cover to cover.

7) Write once a week (Per blog): taking time to exercise both academic and creative writing skills (check out my other blog, Story Square). There will be a post every Monday from this blog, and a post every Tuesday or Wednesday (waiting on a final work schedule) for my creative blog.

8)  Become more organized: I will set aside time every Sunday for Roles and Goals weekly planning. I also intend to up my game with keeping my papers and workspace at home and work organized.

Each of these goals means something to me, and I look forward to the adventures that are sure to accompany my pursuit of reaching them. There will be times I post about my progress here, as well as the things a learn along the way. I invite you to join the adventure.

QUESTION: What are your TOP 3 Goals for 2012?

Leave a comment with your goals this year 😀

2 thoughts on “New Year Goals”

  1. Your heart is so beautiful and continues to shine as you continue to go deeper into things of God. It leaves me completely undone.
    I can’t wait for your first Story Square post and I have every intention of holding you to your goal of a blog post a week – if you’ll go the same for me.
    Exercising. You are going to look AWESOME. Just please… no pull-ups in front of me, okay? 😉
    I think your efforts to grow in relationship with your family & friends is a fantastic goal – and not just because I’m a “friend”. I’ve already mentioned in passing to your mom about POSSIBLY making a trip up there to see them in the Summer maybe. And extended weekend perhaps. You game?

    Happy New Year! You will conquer this year. You’ve already grown so much since last New Year and I am so proud of you.

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