5 Keys To Biblical Leadership: An Overview

Jesus is one of the greatest leaders who has ever lived. In three years time, this man not only ignited a movement so powerful that 2,000 years later people are still willing to give their lives to further His message, but He also demonstrated a leadership style that was previously unheard of. His message is radical, and His principles of power seem contradictory. His sermon on the mount demonstrates a type of lifestyle that seems unproductive, yet He gives immense value to the “weak” by this message. And lets not forget one of His strangest statements, “he that is the least among you all is greatest” (Luke 9:48).
 Yes, Jesus was a radical, and His lifestyle deserves a closer look. Through the next several weeks I will be pulling on His leadership theme to give a better picture of what Biblical Leadership looks like, and how that applies today.

This is an area close to my heart because it was close the Jesus’ heart. I have found that as I desire to be more like Him in wisdom, power, and character, I also desire to be more like Him in my leadership paradigm. In my experience, many people are quick to respond to an altar call for more of God, but when it comes to the practical fruit, there seems to be a neglect of the leadership potential that should accompany a deeper revelation of Him. I am all for miracles and the presence of God, but to become the full expression of a Son of God, some attention must be given to leading others along the way.

I want to make it clear that leaders do not need to have a title: leadership is a way of thinking and an approach to life. We are all leaders to some extent, and it is my goal to bring the leadership topic to a level that anyone can incorporate into their personal life.

For the next several weeks, I will discuss Five Keys to Biblical Leadership I have found that Jesus modeled in his leadership style. Here’s an overview.

Key One: Why Are You Here? – Vision

Key Two: Take Others With You – Empower

Key Three: MAKE DISCIPLES – Invest

Key Four: THE LEAST OF THESE – Add value


As Christians, we are called to be leaders in society. Jesus told us to preach and make disciples of all nations, yet that is impossible to fulfill without a basic understanding of biblical leadership. As we walk through each of these keys together, we will explore biblical examples from the life of Jesus as well as some personal experiences I have had along my leadership journey.

I truly believe you can learn and apply these five keys to maximize the call of God in your life. The more you seek God for His presence, seek to understand His leadership methods. If you do, there is nothing that can prevent you and your team from accomplishing all that God has given you to do.

8 thoughts on “5 Keys To Biblical Leadership: An Overview”

  1. “I want to make it clear that leaders do not need to have a title: leadership is a way of thinking and an approach to life.”

    I am so glad you said this. I’ve felt for quite some time that I have the call to lead in a church setting, but I now see that it may not be what I typically thought. I may never have an official title and may never have a large group that follows but I will lead and I will equip others to lead as well.

    I am thoroughly looking forward to what you bring to the table on this topic and for me to utilize it!


  2. Mel, you are always leading, whether you realize it or not. There will be people watching you, waiting to see what you do. What is God showing you to do? I look forward to giving keys that will hopefully unlock a new paradigm for you to walk in. You are created to lead and do GREAT things!

    1. Thanks Daryl, I am excited as I think there is practical insight into the life of Jesus that can make us all better at carrying out our individual and collective missions.

  3. Good blog Matt, I personally think that the Church in America (collectively speaking) has dropped the ball on the whole “making disciples” part. Somewhere along the way it’s turned into shepherds building sheep pens. We put a man up on a pedestal and expect Him to do everything for us spiritually speaking. One of the things I really like about GFM is how Jeff works with others as a team and then has no problem with that team going out. I recently saw a quote that said something to the effect that you will know a true leader by the number of leaders they have created. We could all do good to glean from Jesus’ leadership model.

    1. Great point Johnny, the difference between leading and managing is that leading sets you free while management holds you back. The difficulty that many churches struggle with is moving from a paradigm of simply managing the people where they are, to a paradigm of leading them somewhere. I have got some insight into not just empowering leaders, but discipling them (mentor) as well. But, this next article is about vision, one of my passions. Stay Tuned!

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